Sunday, January 25, 2004

Where have all the cute girls gone?

I can't seem to find any around here in the San Jack area. Even in my classes the anwser is a little dissapointing. Where do they go? Are they hiding somewhere, perhaps in dark alleys or behind corn silos? Or is this some conspiracy like the all went up to Chino or something. It's funny because they would do something like that those cute girls going to Chino. I wished I lived in Chino, if all the cute girls went there. But I don't think there are any corn silos in Chino.

Or maybe there right in front of me and not in Chino or in anywhere near any corn silos. After all, what would the cute girls be doing by corn silos? Or in Chino? Are there any corn silos in Chino?

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Balled up!

So last nite was my first Into to Basketball Techniques class and basically the teacher left and just told us to ball around. So I'm shooting, working on my 3-point shot.

Now I don't know how it happened, but some girls from the girl's basketball team were there and so were like let's play some 3 on 3. Man those girls can hit. I was a little suprised at first how tough they played and one of them was taller than me. But I quickly learned to shove them out of the way (though hard it is at times) and how to use my elbows correctly, street style.

However, at the end of the night, we got balled up. I know I'm the worse player there, but hell, that's why I'm in the class.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Global warming?

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

So I was away in NYC/NJ area for a while and it was pretty cool. Cold as hell definetely.

The dive bar scene in NYC seems pretty good, though I can't say I'm an expert on it. Desperate circumstances (such as being under 21 and having no evidence for being otherwise) call for desperate measures which in this case were sketchy places that didn't ask for identification (or for which a 7-year-old junior college ID without age on it would suffice).

Some people in the city were nice, some were rude. The city was pretty cool. Lots of big buildings. I like big buildings.

It was good to go away, even better to come back to my home, good ol' Cali baby! I really appreciate this 70 degree weather - it's awesome. I think people are more racist over there too, and I mean like hardcore racist. Y'know me, I'm down to joke about other races to the point that some people don't get it or it becomes borderline, but some of the things I heard (especially considering the people who said those things were being serious) nearly floored me. I don't know if that's indicative of the east or merely of the people who I heard those things from. Anyway, it was a little strange and a little uncomfortable.

I was sick the last two days before I left which was bad. I think I got something from my Aunt's neighbor.

Damn bitch got me sick.

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Made it back from big pimpin' baby!

More on my exciting advenctures up in NYC later.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Gotta bounce folks.

Gonna be big pimpin' up in NYC, just like Jay-Z says.

Or maybe medium pimpin' like www.teeshirthell.com says.

Not sure. More on this later.

Peace out homies.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Yo yo! I got a tool chest today. It was pretty sweet. It's a Craftsman and it's made in the U.S.A. baby. I feel so proud and American with my shiny red American made tool chest.

I can't wait to fill it will all my Chinese tools.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just saw Govenor Arnold's State of the State address. It was absolutely amazing and made me remember that what Arnold did is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind, as opposed to all those fucking career politicians that are running around today. Arnold has not made a career out of politiking, but rather rose to the challenge.

All those ideas about being "qualified" and that other BS because he's not a lawyer or public servent are bullshit. In voting in the future I will avoid voting for anyone who is a lawyer or career politician because those types are the least qualified to run anything. As with Gray Davis, the only thing they're concerned with is their ego and pocketbook.

Fuck career politicians. Those people belong in jail. They are the most elite of the elite and cajole their way into office and then make decisions for people who they're not even remotely connected to.

Before I was pretty pessimistic about politics and still am. It's the most depressing stuff. However, Arnold has restored a small bit of faith in the ability of a politician to actually do what is most beneficial to those who he represents. Thanks Arnold.

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Definiton of "Mustang," according to urbandictionary.com:

1. Prominent muscle car of the 60's... but it's a Ford.
2. Sports car of the 80's that is hideously ugly... just like everything else from the 80's.
3. '90's/00's sports car made for chicks and impotent dudes. complete pieces of crap, just like every other Ford out there.

1. My Mustang is swell!
2. My Mustang is so cool, now that I have all my Falco tapes in it!
3. My Mustang gets all the guys at Funky Pickle!

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Here's a short transcript of all my good posts from melodramatic.com, catalogued by date (you can see there are not to many, but I have ported them to blogger.com for archival purposes).

12-15-03 -- coolest dream ever

So I'm just chillin in my mom's c240 like at this gas station and it's raining like hell. I think I was talking to someone on my cell phone. Anyway, someone comes up to the driver's window and starts hitting on it. So I roll down the window and it's this white guy and I'm like "what you want bitch?!" So then the dude tries to climb in through the window.

That's when things got bad for him. So I hopped in the driver's seat, started the car and just mashed the accelerator. I pulled out into pretty dense traffic and was sliding the car all over the road as I tried to dislodge this unwanted person. So finally at like 80 or 90 MPH he fell off the car. I tried to slow down the car, but the rain and the momentum of the car made me slide it and roll it numberous times.

Keep in mind I didn't know this was a dream at the time.

11-18-2003 -- czech it out ...

picture yourself locked down in a 10 by 4 with a big black guy named Tiny.

Tiny's been lonely ...

11-08-2003 -- big j ... on the matrix, being single and sexy

Well, I rolled out with a few of my homies on Friday to check out the new film: Matrix: Revolutions. However, first we stopped off at Carl's Jr. to get some food. Well let me tell you, there was a gang of young kids, mostly girls who were acting like they were 12, though I susped they were right around Jailbait age -- 16 or 17. Anyway, it was kinda funny to watch them running around without worriest -- looking like adults, however stuck in a state of perpetual childhood. Little girlfriends and tough-acting boyfriends. Yup, sure brought back my youth.

Anyway, so we checked out the movie. The theatre sound was loud as fuck and was cacophonic at times (the machine guns and shit were the worst). The film bordered on being semi-epic. Some of the sceneries and dialogue struck me as being pretty solid and made some emotions in myself.

The ending, though not quite Disney wasn't as intense and hardhitting as one would expect, although it definetely gave me some ideas, in general.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the first, though better than the second in my opinion.

When I was just chillin at CJ's, waiting for some of my homies to finish up there food, I was watching these 12-year-olds try to be couples and shit. I was thinking well gee that looks alright. And then I was struck by how lame it was .. or maybe it was how lame these kids were ... perhaps that's what I perceived. Anyway, sometimes I think it would be nice if there were some bitches here worth my time, but going to my community college, it's like Damn ... this is a fucking wasteland , I mean sure, there's some bitches there that you could have fun with I'm sure, but the whole "I'm pretty so I'm worth something" is kinda old. I get so bored with people to the point that I don't even try.

Anyway, So I was flossing down Florida this night, and as I was rolling down, I looked over and I saw this chick that I knew waayyyyyy back in The Day . We went to school together when I was younger and I was like damn because she working in this store and it was like dammmnnnnnnnn, I miss that chick. I mean we were like young back in The Day , but we definetely liked each other, and seeing her again I'm now comtemplating dropping by and finding out what's up, and I don't mean like just "what's up" I mean like what's up.

After all this time, I think it's crazy that she's the only one that's been able to capture my attention. I mean bitches come and bitches go, but she's pretty interesting. I'm sure there's a million copies of her out there -- she's unique by no means. I feel something for her, but it's not like the whole desperate "I'm in sooo much love with you, you are the most beautifull woman in the world and I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you ..." BS, cuz you kids know I'm not like that.

Basically it just piqued my interest and I've been thinking about her.

11-08-2003 -- CQ spam [I'm MrEd in this btw]

[11/08/2003 18:08] 177473010: Hi! Need a sex? Want to join a sex club? :-)
[11/08/2003 18:14] MrEd: only if it's a christian sex club
[11/08/2003 18:14] 177473010: To join sexclub come here: http://love-online.net I will explain you where to find us. We have girls from all over the world! Sex is everything for us :-)
[11/08/2003 18:14] MrEd: well as long as you're christian
[11/08/2003 18:14] MrEd: and not a bunch of fucking heathens
[11/08/2003 18:14] MrEd: y'know
[11/08/2003 18:15] MrEd: You should go to www.georgechristians.com
[11/08/2003 18:15] MrEd: And buy my new product.

10-26-2003 -- what people think of me

[10/26/2003 21:32] QueenieAdrock: you seem more like a "hit it and quit it" guy
[10/26/2003 21:32] jimjoneshorse: that sounds like me
[10/26/2003 21:33] jimjoneshorse: what exactly is that
[10/26/2003 21:33] QueenieAdrock: f*ck her and leave her
[10/26/2003 21:33] QueenieAdrock: basicallyu
[10/26/2003 21:33] QueenieAdrock: -u
[10/26/2003 21:34] jimjoneshorse: hmm
[10/26/2003 21:34] jimjoneshorse: you think those are good qualities to project ?
[10/26/2003 21:35] QueenieAdrock: heh if you wanna be like all pimp and shizzle
[10/26/2003 21:35] QueenieAdrock: but not for boyfriend material
[10/26/2003 21:35] QueenieAdrock: or husband material for that matter
[10/26/2003 21:36] QueenieAdrock: can you picture the priest saying, "do you...big j, promise to hit (so and so) and then quit her immediately, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, slap that bitch up"

Well that's like 6 months worth of posts and if you think those are crap, then you can imagine how the other ones were.

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Yo! Finally I signed up with blogger.com, a better service than that crappy melodramatic.com. The people there are weird anyway.

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