Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just saw Govenor Arnold's State of the State address. It was absolutely amazing and made me remember that what Arnold did is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind, as opposed to all those fucking career politicians that are running around today. Arnold has not made a career out of politiking, but rather rose to the challenge.

All those ideas about being "qualified" and that other BS because he's not a lawyer or public servent are bullshit. In voting in the future I will avoid voting for anyone who is a lawyer or career politician because those types are the least qualified to run anything. As with Gray Davis, the only thing they're concerned with is their ego and pocketbook.

Fuck career politicians. Those people belong in jail. They are the most elite of the elite and cajole their way into office and then make decisions for people who they're not even remotely connected to.

Before I was pretty pessimistic about politics and still am. It's the most depressing stuff. However, Arnold has restored a small bit of faith in the ability of a politician to actually do what is most beneficial to those who he represents. Thanks Arnold.

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