Sunday, January 18, 2004

So I was away in NYC/NJ area for a while and it was pretty cool. Cold as hell definetely.

The dive bar scene in NYC seems pretty good, though I can't say I'm an expert on it. Desperate circumstances (such as being under 21 and having no evidence for being otherwise) call for desperate measures which in this case were sketchy places that didn't ask for identification (or for which a 7-year-old junior college ID without age on it would suffice).

Some people in the city were nice, some were rude. The city was pretty cool. Lots of big buildings. I like big buildings.

It was good to go away, even better to come back to my home, good ol' Cali baby! I really appreciate this 70 degree weather - it's awesome. I think people are more racist over there too, and I mean like hardcore racist. Y'know me, I'm down to joke about other races to the point that some people don't get it or it becomes borderline, but some of the things I heard (especially considering the people who said those things were being serious) nearly floored me. I don't know if that's indicative of the east or merely of the people who I heard those things from. Anyway, it was a little strange and a little uncomfortable.

I was sick the last two days before I left which was bad. I think I got something from my Aunt's neighbor.

Damn bitch got me sick.

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