Monday, March 01, 2004

I just saw this movie the other day while I was skimming through the channels. It's called White Oleander and it's quite kickass. You wouldn't think I would like a movie called White Oleander, because it doesn't sound cool or anything, but it was. It was basically the story of an orphaned child (who was pretty cute though not in the common sense) passing through the system. Absolutely brilliant. See it if you can.

I also started reading again, which is quite rare for me. I'm currently reading the original and definitive cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, which is research for a novel that I've been working on for years, but as of yet, have been unable to complete. The back of Neuromancer reads: "... With a mirror-eyed girl street-samurai riding shotgun, he's ready for the silicon-quick, bleakly prophetic adventure that upped the ante on an entire genre of fiction."

Cool huh?

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