Friday, March 19, 2004

A Year Ago Today, According to My Journal

(Italics indicates someone else transcribed this for me)
Justin's drunk talk --
When a girl is too skinny, it's like an engine knockin' together. It can injure your pelvis!

If you don't want a baby, the juices won't flow, but I wanna have 12 kids so I hope the juices flow!

Yup, that's right -- last night (18th) I was totally hammered. I drank about 400mLs of peach flavored vodka with about 1000mLs of 7up.

We were sitting in the movie room -- or whatever the hell it's called, just chillin fora bit, then I started to feel really sick -- went inot the bathroom and began to puke the crap out of my guts. I went into the bathroom around 1:30AM and was out a bit before 3:00AM.

Sitting on the floor in the bathroom, the toiled right between my legs -- the room was spinning very rapidly as though I were in some giant centrifuge. When I was feeling well enough I returned to my room.

It is important to note -- that while I was totally hammered I said that I was in love with Karen and Taruni (HAH). It was semi-entertaining being so drunk.

However, sitting on the bathroom floor at 2AM, I was convinced that I had alochol poisoning and was going to die -- I decided that I would never drink again which still sounds very appealing as my stomach is still a bit rocky as I write this.

/End of Journal

Wow that sounds like I had a lot of fun. It's all very accurate too as best I can recall. Good thing I kept a journal, otherwise my exciting adventures might not have been chronicled so well.

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