Monday, April 05, 2004

Definition of "Libertarian", according to Urbandictionary.com

1. Another term for one who follows neoclassical liberalism, a philosophy which is closely based on the writings Friedman and Hayek. Similar to classical liberalism in economic policy, but very different in other areas.
2. Someone who believes the governement should have minimal interfence in the affairs it's citizens.
3. What 98% of the people who post on this board are and don't even realize it.
4. Someone with a higher I.Q. than a Democrat and a Republican combined.
5. Someone who appreciates the genius of the word fuck and is particularly opposed to stupid queer ass liberals who insist on people typing **** to use words which would accurately describe them.
6. Somebody who appreciates the genius of www.fatchicksinpartyhats.com
7. Antonym of homo, retard, and wordhypocrite/i.
8. Somebody with two brain cells in their fucking head. Aka, someone who is not a liberal or reactionary
9. The most common politcal philosophy among gamers.
10. A pilotical philosphy based on science and logic rather than abstract B.S.

Yeah biatch!

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