Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I just developed some color slides for my project "the day in the life of a doctor," wherein I followed a doctor friend of my father around for the entire day. I had great consternation about the slides turning out poorly and when I developed them today, I was greatly relieved.

The slides far exceeded my expectations and I was overjoyed today as I spent the final minutes of the class hunched over the light box, looking through a magnifying monacle at the pictutes. It's amazing what you can capture. And now, as I look at these slides again, I releazie that I've just captured life as it moves by and it's quite amazing how authentic these photos look.

Every expression, every throw of human emotion, has been captured on these slides as my humble hands tried to hold the camera obscura steady.

And as I was looking at these slides, I thought of my all the struggle I endured to capture these brief moments in life. All the agonizing, debate and worry beginning when I purchased the film, through the turmoil as some incompetent bitch invaded my darkroom during developing, and finally relief as I pulled the chemical laden film, finally processed, from the reel and saw the faintest glimpses of images. I realized then, that through all this struggle, I had produced something. Though humble and amateurish these images were, the grin on my face and the excitement as I examed the photos surpassed any known chemical. What a feeling it is.

Not to sound deep or like I'm some camera god or anything, it was just a thought.

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