Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Mean Streets of S.D.
So I bounced down to S.D. this weekend to visit a friend before he departs on long journey to China (no he's not digging he's way to China, he tells me he has a plane ticket). Naturally we had an interesting time. Of note, some drunk guy (I think he was drunk) walked into my friend then tried to start a fight (which would have resulted in him breaking a nose or damage to other soft tissue) with my friend. The drunk guy's friend, wise as he was (and seemed somewhat likeable) was actually smart enough to realize that it might be a bad thing for his drunk friend to try to start a fight with my friend and appologized and dragged his idiot friend away. It's amazing how fast things like this happen, because It was over neary as quickly as I noticed my friend was missing.

We also saw some fine SD honey dancing in the window of this gay-esque trendy men's clothing. Some lesbian girl was standing outside and howling at the SD honey's dazzling performance. Nearly a block away I could still hear the lesbian girl howling. She had also mentioned (to her lesbian girlfriend) that she wanted to grab the SD honey's tight ass (ditto that).

Finally, the other interesting thing (that I'm at liberty to divulge) was that a drunk gentlemen (who apparently had been hit by a dude in a convertible mercedes) tried to fight the dude in the mercedes. This didn't work out too well for the poor chap as the bicycle cops tackled and took drunk dude's ass to the ground. I'd be pissed too if someone hit my drunk ass in the car (although attacking someone in front of a gang of cops isn't even the 3rd or 2nd worst decision someone could make in that situation; it was definetely the worst possible decision).

Anyway, I wish my good associate an excellent trip to The Land of Communists and Nunchuks.

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