Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Psychology "Professor" Is An Idiot

Maybe intelligent Psychologist is an oxymoron. Probably not, as I have quite a few friends who are psychology majors who don't seem to think so. What I do know, however, is that MY psychology "professor" is an idiot.

So today, I'm in class, just chilling, kicked back and listening to her lecture, which was moderately intersting. Clearly no one else in the class cared or anything, because she was asking questions that were really simple and was getting like no response.

She was talking about how the higher thinking in the brain may (I'm not sure if she said may or does, which is why the following occured) occur not actually inside of the brain but around energy fields surrounding the brain (so our conscious is in this energy field or whatever ... a bit tough to swallow, but okay, I'll buy that). Then she goes on to say that because we have light photons passing through the body (This is absolutely false, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she isn't a physics teacher. Light photons are not high enough energy pass through our body. Anything that is able to pass through us we consider hazardous high-energy radiation, as it's not particularily good for you.) and passing through this energy field in our brain and that we're all immersed inside this electrical soup (or membraine or something as she described it). So, if someone in the class has bad thoughts (racist, hatefull, ect), then we will all be exposed to these bad thoughts and that will be bad for us.

At this point, I had to say something. I was thinking well maybe this is just a theory or something that's cutting edge that's she presenting to us and she's not actually presenting it to us as being factual. So I asked her a simple three word question "Is this proven?"

And of course, she becamse totally indignant, and immediately whipped out with "What do you think? Do you think I'm giving you a bunch of imformation that isn't true?" To which I responded "Well, I don't know, that's why I asked. I wasn't sure if this was proven or if (I'm getting a little bit pissed with her angry response, and felt the need to dig in a little, because I'd obviously already pissed her off.) it was just some theory that you had."

She didn't actually ever anwser my question, but instead asked that class if we thought she would give us information that wasn't proven. To which one student (I don't know if he was a wise-ass or an idiot) responded "No, whatever you say is always true!"

The most ridiculous part of this whole situation is that the first day of class she told us that we should be questioning and will be caused to question a lot of our persceptions of reality and our beliefs.

Well I'm questioning you, bitch.


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