Saturday, August 07, 2004

Shyne On

So I was watching MTV the other day (yeah .. yeah I know) and they were interviewing this black dude up in Clinton Correctional Facility. Anyway, this dude turns out to be a pretty cool (even though he's doing 10 years) gangster rapper, though he's not very big. So, as an interested individual, I logged on to DC and snagged a few of his tracks. The producing sucks, but this dude is totally ghetto cool, check out these lyrics:

From That's Gangsta:
I got a question; as serious as cancer
Where da fuckin safe at? Somebody better answer
before I start killin and fillin these double-I slugs
A hundred carats in the watch (THAT'S GANGSTA)
Gettin skull off in the parkin lot (THAT'S GANGSTA)
Feel the knot when you loft (THAT'S GANGSTA)
Takin over spots and blocks (THAT'S GANGSTA)

From Watcha Gonna Do?:
Evil grin,dead eyes,walkin wit a bock, monster
Best way to describe my posture
In this world of sin hummas wicked as they come
Moonlightin' as a rapper get this ticket and I'm done
Ain't enough money here I ratha be in the tropics
Wit cau-si-cans when narcotics is the only topic
Persian rocks and things the man that made of snow
Tiger par
And every other form of raw

As you can see, this dude is pretty hardcore. Check him out if you can.

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