Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Biblioteca, I adore thee

So school is going well. I'm actually doing well in school, interestingly enough. Often, my level of happiness is inversly proportional to how much work/school work I'm doing. However, I've found a nifty way, previously unknown to myself to accomplish being both happy and academically sound (which, coincidentally, I need to be quite academically sound to transfer to UCLA, where I will have good time. A VERY VERY good time.).

What is this magical way you ask? Got to the library! It's all there baby!

How boring you might think. It's true, I thought it too! Going to the library to study used to be a pretty shitty boring experience and thus I rarely did it, except when I REALLY REALLY needed to get something done. And I still go when I really need to get something done, however, I also go maybe an hour or two early before class, and I've met some really chill people and some amazingly fine honies since I started regularily going to just get stuff done. The end result, is that it typically takes longer for me to acomplish relatively short homework, but I do get it done, and I usually have quite a bit of fun while doing it. In fact, it's really strange now, because when I go into the library, sit at an table, within minutes, the table has reached it's seating capacity, and others around us have begun to make those lame fake coughing sounds (as if to say shut the hell up). It's literally like we're gang-rapping the table or something, if you can stomach that analogy.

It's just interesting that such a boring place could be made interesting. All it takes is people.

But I do have a life outside of the library. In fact, my life inside of the library is spilling it's guts out into the street (don't slip on the intestines). I'm going to TJ with some cholos (see Urbandictionary.com if you're not in the know) I met in the library to celebrate mexican independence day (an excuse to get sloshed).

And who would've thought that the library could be more interesting than the people in many of my classes. Go to your library and kick it! However, going too much is not something that you should do.


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