Sunday, September 05, 2004

The more things change, the more they remain the same *sigh*.

You know when you've started posting conversations on your blog, that you've hit a new low, even for internet journalism; well, fuck it, it's hillarious:

QueenieAdrock: i have a question
jimjoneshorse: where the fuckin' safe at, somebody better anwser?
QueenieAdrock: ok so i need to do a really good prank on someone


jimjoneshorse: umm are you high right now?
QueenieAdrock: does it matter?
jimjoneshorse: yeah, it kinda does, because if you are, then i can forgive you
jimjoneshorse: pranks are kinda high school
jimjoneshorse: in fact, they are highschool
QueenieAdrock: eh whatever, i wanna go and ponder life in the forest
jimjoneshorse: and obsessing over someone that much to carefully plan something out like that is um ... really really lame
QueenieAdrock: obsessing over someone?
QueenieAdrock: lol
jimjoneshorse: as your friend, please do something better with your time
jimjoneshorse: you're cooler than that
QueenieAdrock: what the fuck do you know about me ?
jimjoneshorse: enough
QueenieAdrock: no you don't, i don't even hang out with you
jimjoneshorse: well it's not like you've changed
QueenieAdrock: you have no idea
jimjoneshorse: you haven't changed at all, it's totally obvious to me
QueenieAdrock: lol you are so retarded, you never even knew me to begin with. it's so annoying that you act like we were great friends or something
*** "QueenieAdrock" signed off at Sun Sep 05 16:31:48 2004.

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