Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Spanish Class

My spanish class seems to have quite a few interesting characters in it which I would like to describe.

First, we have Flaming Homosexual Guy (FHG), (my personal favorite) only he's also arrogant and an asshole (not typical of our FHG stereotype we like to think of) and he says a lot of stupid things while he's trying to be act smart. It's pretty hillarious.

Next, we have Loud Mouth Big Black Mamma (LMBBG), only she's not a big mamma. She's actually rather thin or flacca as we like to say in my class. She's having a hard time with the class (I think she's never had any language classes before).

Finally, we have Spastic White Crackhead Chick (SWCC), only she's older (maybe in her 50's or so, but you can tell she was very pretty when she was younger) and nearly emmaciated (though still somewhat elegant). I'm not sure what condition she has, but she's also having a hard time with the class and she periodically says interesting things that tend to amuse me.

Today SWCC suggested that the fact that el vestido (a dress), that is curiously masculine (when one thinks of a dress as feminine) could, perhaps, be explained by crossdressing. We all had a good chuckle, though I'm not sure if we we're laughing with or at her.


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