Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Psychology be damned

I don't know if it's my idiot teacher or it's just me, but my psychology class doesn't seem to be fun, informative, or both.

I fact, it's a class mostly dedicated to my instructor telling these outlandish self-glorifying stories, where she is this all-knowing, morally and ethically sound super-hero. In everyone of her stories, she's standing up against convention and always on moral high ground. You don't think so? Well, then I guess you didn't hear about the time that two gang members were about to start shooting at each other and she put her car in between them to save some nearby school childrens' lives. You know she attended Yale right? Well, actually, it's hard not to know what she's done, because she's always name-dropping, and alluding to other exciting things she's done or people she knows that but that she "can't tell us" about because, you know, it's a secret (shhhh).

And as if that's not enough, she's giving out these long take home tests that are stupid writing assignments. Coincidentally, one is due tomorow, but I'm not working on it.

And I don't even need this stupid class to transfer, to boot. Fuck this idiotic instructor, I'd rather drive a nail through my hand than listen to her.


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