Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Physics realization
I had an interesting realization during my physics test today, which interestingly enough, should have been some type of realization concerning my actual physics test. Moments earlier, however, I had been in a heated political debate with several members of the class over the current president and abortion.

Intrestingly enough, this girl said that she was conservative, but voted liberal (Democrat) because she was able to exclude her personal beliefs for the "good of the nation," and she like John Kerry for this reason, because she felt that he could divorce himself from his personal beliefs and be objective for "the good of the nation."

The thing that I realized is that there is no objective way to make any decision on any issue. Take abortion, for example: proponents argue that it's the mother's choice and those against it argue that it's murder. But in order to make a decision, one has to ask the question of "How ought things be?" There is no objective argument for that question, unless you believe in absolute morality, which I'm not going to go into. The fact is, "objective" arguments about how a woman should be able to "make decisions about her body" are valid only with a presupposition that freedom to make your own decisions is objectively good and things ought to be that way.

This brings me to my point: It's impressive that John Kerry, or anyone for that matter, is able to divorce themselves from their own personal beliefs for what they believe is the "objective correct thing to do." It's awesome in fact. I love objectivity. However, his "objective" decision that "abortion ough to be legal" is based on an underlying presupposition that he can't objectively justify. Therefore, his "objective" decision is no more valid that Bush's subjective, religious based decision, because both rely on underlying subjectivity. In fact, if you consider moral absolutes, then Bush, in his lack of "objectivity," may actually be more objective than Kerry.

Anyway, I wish I had realized more anwsers to the physics test. After all, math is objective unlike Bush or Kerry. No wonder I have so much trouble with it.


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