Friday, October 22, 2004

Voting time..

Tonight I attended a debate for city council, school board and hospital board elections.

It was disgusting. Nothing pisses me off more than to see all these slick politicians talking bullshit and wasting my time. For city council, we have two slick politician incumbents, who are running for their 100th term, one totally ISANE dude who kept talking about how many times he's been arrested by the cops, one honest former police officer and another businessman. The cop, totally insane dude (he was able to entertain me for 3 minutes by saying absolutely crazy shit) and business man have my vote. I really hope the cop, Robert Ritchie, wins and I definetely hope those two idiot career politicians get kicked in their asses.

Don't you just hate these arrogant politican motherfuckers? They're well-funded by special interests and tend to steam roll over honest men who seek to end corruption, but have no power and no funding due to their honesty. Fuck all of these parasites.

The favored candidate, Jim Ayres, raised $80,000 to run a local election, as compared with Robert Ritchie, who only raised $6,000. Most of Ayres' contributors are people who own building companies and who want to build here.

Simply, I want money and power so I can crush these pieces of shit who have money and power.

Politics favors the corrupt. Fuck the corrupt. FUck politics.


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