Monday, December 20, 2004

Finals Finished, Winter Break Has Begun!
Hello everyone. Well, I somehow managed to make it though my finals without becoming insane. Next semester is going to be worse, but I don't have to worry about that for a while.

This weekend, I went down to San Marcos (near San Diego) to visit a friend, who was having a large house party. My friend's house, which he is renting, is in an extremely nice neighborhood and is about 4000 square feet, which is enormous for just some punk college kid. Anyway, there were about 60 people at the party and here are some pictures that I took afterwards (though I should've taken more):

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Me, in the garage, after the party was over.

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This guy was passed out in the bathroom and apparently his friends had forgot about him. I had to step over him to use the restroom in the adjacent room.

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Chillin in the garage after the party.

During the party, the police decided to show up due to some apparent noise violations. I had just decided to walk outside with a friend to his car when just stepping onto the street from the driveway (we had exited the house from a gate on the side) that I saw a sheriff pounding on the front door with a night stick. It was then that I decided to be really casual and just calmly walk with my friend to his car, but realized that there was someone else standing at the bottom of the steps to the front door, presumably a cop. At that point, I realized he was looking at me, and I also realized that I had a red cup full of beer. Something in my brain clicked, and seeing as I'm under 21, I knew that having a red cup full of beer and walking by a cop was definitely not a good idea. I played it totally cool, and mentioned to my friend that I had "forgot" something inside of the house and casually walked over to the side and set the red beer cup down very covertly, then proceeded to walk out towards his car.

Some girl also karate chopped a rotting a dead turtle (that was in the dirt in the backyard) in half.

Really drunk people tend to do pretty outrageous things, but sometimes I wonder if they just use being drunk as an excuse for how they act. After all, I can tell you that no matter how drunk I get, I would never get caught playing with a dead, rotting animal carcass.


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