Friday, January 21, 2005

Return to School
Well, I somehow managed to have a succesfull trip to Vegas. Now that I've returned, school has started. I was originally looking forward to it, but seeing my schedule now, I'm looking more towards the summer, the beach, and some bitches.

Which reminds me, I was watching the TV today and it was some program about dogs or they were doing surgery on dogs or something else kinda ridiculous. Anyway, this fairly hip, cool looking dude, who was apparently a dog owner, rolled up his sleeve and had an image of his fucking dog's face, tattooed on his arm.

How fucking crazy do you have to be about your dog to have his fucking face tattooed on your arm? I mean, come on! How good can a dog be for someone to do that. The guy was clearly a fucking idiot, but it was so hillarious that such a "cool" guy would do something so fucking stupid.

Oh well.


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