Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Cherry Festival!
Two days ago I went to what is known as the "Cherry Festival." I've never been to this festival before and it's apparently meant to celebrate the ... um ... cherries ... I guess that are grown locally here. Ironically, only one stand at this whole festival sells cherries. The Cherry Festival is mostly about stands that sell cheap jewelry, bootlegged CDs, and some fair-like rides.

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Some type of funhouse or something with mirrors at the fair.

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Chilling in a playground after walking around for a bit.

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The author in front of what they call the "Ring of Fire." (It looked more like a ring that had been assembled overnight by drunken carnies.

At any rate, the festival was fun. I did have my fill of cherries which were quite tasty. The only annoying thing about this fair is all the carnies. constantly harass you to play their rip-off games. Some of them can get quite bold. For example, one toothless dude suggested that if I played his game and won a stuffed animal, that maybe the girl I was with would hold my hand. I retorted that maybe if she played the game and won me a stuffed animal, I would hold her hand. The dude's face went blank for a moment and that's when I saw his one tooth smile. He then approached me and wanted to shake my hand (I didn't know I was that clever).

I washed my hands when I got home.


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