Saturday, June 25, 2005

Return From Paradise

Well I finally managed to make it back from Cabo San Lucas after my week long vacation there. Cabo is an amazing paradise of beaches, sun and beautiful women. My days were spent along the beaches, swimming in the ocean or plentiful pools at the resort, scuba diving, fishing and riding ATVs.

I went with some friends who have a time share down there and had an amazing seven day vacation.

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The resort where we stayed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I nearly killed myself on this ATV.

One day we rented ATVs for this tour thing. The people that run the tour give you ATVs and take you through a few miles of desert out to this mountanous/beach area and turn you loose. A friend of mine road his ATV all the way up the top of this very steep hill and motioned for me to follow. I made an attempt to go up the hill, but backed off because it seemed too steep and I was afraid I would flip the ATV. After some encouragement from some of my other friends [ who were waiting at the bottom of the hill ;-) ] I made another attempt to go up the hill, but this time I twisted the throttle all the way down. Halfway up the hill, the whole vehicle flipped backwards, throwing me off it and nearly crushed me as it rolled all the way down the hill. A group of girls were watching me from the bottom of the hill (NO :-p I didn't go up the hill to impress them; I didn't even know they were there) and after they saw my ATV roll all the way to the ground and luckily land itself on the tires, they looked at each other for a few moments then turned right back around. I ran down the hill, hopped back on the ATV and fled from the "crime scene."

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This is where our ATV ride managed to take us.

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I went diving here
This was my first time diving ever and it was awesome. I actually had a French diving instructor that spoke Spanish and had apparently lived in Cabo for quite a while.

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Downtown Cabo.
There's lots of shops, bars, nightclubs and other places downtown.

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Another picture of downtown.

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Lover's Beach by boat.
This is Lover's Beach which can only be reached by boat or by trekking across the mountanous terrain the seperates it from the mainland. One of the beaches opens into the Gulf of Mexico and the other opens into the Pacific Ocean. The waves are more ferocious on the Pacific side (only the more daring people swim or body board there).

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Squid Roe
Finally, I leave you with Squid Roe (pronounced like Row), which is the place to be at night.


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