Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sea world!
Well, since my last blog update, I have been busy and doing lots of different things (among other things, some friends of mine from France visited me and we went to Sea World and TONS of other places). It was cool. I also had a little excursion out to the beach with some friends visiting from Hemet recently.

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Atlantis at Seaworld
This is the ride known as "Atlantis" or something like that. The ride itself, is thrilling journey, though short, that ends in quick little splash and you're all done.

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The submarine show (Seaworld also)
This was a great little show with sea-otters (or maybe they were sea-lions or possibly even seals .. I don't really remember). Anyway, it had everything that you could ever hope for in a show: deceit, treachery, stowaways, otters .. er whatever, submarines, moniacle sea captains and hell the main guy kept getting poked in the ass at odd times.

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Wanna touch my flamingo? (Seaw...sigh)

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Angelica shaking head side to side

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Sunset at Silver Strand State Beach (Coronado)


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