Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Beginnings of School
Well, apparently school starts on Thursday, so my little vacation is over. I was only able to get into two of my classes (Vector Calculus and Organic Chemistry), because transfer students have lower priority for enrollment. I also had problems with the morons in the Bioengineering department, who still haven't anwser my email that I sent nearly a month ago (THANKS A LOT, JACKASSES AT THE UCSD BIOENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, YOU FUCKERS SURE HELPED ME! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THOSE HUGE FUCKING PAYCHECKS YOU GET!)

Anyway, I haven't done much other applied for a few internships which will hopefully be fruitfull. It actually might be good thing that I am only able to take two classes this quarter, which will give me some time ease into this whole university thing (I'm actually going about the same amount of time that I did during the summer, so I think I can still pretend that I'm on vacation).

In other news, I may have to kill my neighbors above me for be so fucking loud.

Anyway, wish me luck. I'm quite excited that it has all begun.


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