Sunday, December 18, 2005

Some people say "Thanks" with cookies, other people do it with vodka.

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Some of my good friends bought me vodka for helping them with their C++ programming homework. They didn't need to. Really.

This stuff is quite high quality too. If I were buying vodka for someone, it would probably be the $6 stuff that comes in the plastic bottle.

Thanks guys!


at least you won't have to filter it through your water thingie
yeah, good point. this stuff goes down smooth like water. quality French stuff.
Dude, Vodka is for Wimps, i drink burban biatch!
haha alright you can come over and help me drink it. burban is for inbreeding southerners.
are you sure that it's a french vodka ? i didn't even ear about this brand !!!

a little trick for voka lovers, put some candies of your favorite taste in a glass of vodka during a night in the fridge... and enjoy !

Fred from Paris
haha, thanks for the tip!

yeah, the bottle says that it's made and bottled in France. It's unusual because it says it's made from grapes.
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