Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fire at the beach
You ever get the feeling like you need to go burn something? You know, really set something on fire? And don't you just sometimes feel like those "legal" and "safe" firepits they have at the beach are just too conformist? It's like "hey look at me! I'm roasting weenies in this legal firepit that the government has provided for me at the beach. they've clearly defined my boundries and i totally agree with them!"

Cool. Yeah me too.

Somehow my weekend plans went a little awrye, but you know, "even the best layed plans of mice of men...." No worries though, I just did the best thing to do when things go awyre: go to the beach, drink a little alcohol and burn whatever wood or paper you were planning on recycling. Oh yeah, and do it all in the pouring rain with two good friends for added affect.

When we arrived at the beach, it was indeed pouring, and we were worried that we wouldn't be able to get a fire started, but we were somehow able to take over an abandoned fire that someone had just started and left : ), and away from the "legal" firepits.

That's not entirely orange juice.
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Yes, Sam and Steve are clearly enjoying themselves.

Burn baby, burn.
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You see that big smile on my face? Yeah it's cold and it's raining and I'm soaked in water. That's how much I love fire.

Things went well. I'm pretty sure I've knocked about 2 years off my life from breathing in the voluminous quantities of smoke from our essentially all paper fire. If the cops hadn't showed up, it would have probably been more like 4 years, but we had to douse the fire and bounce before our "non-conformist" (not to be confused with communist) activities were discovered.


you haven't smiled that big since your first blowjob.
hahaha you're cute.
does everyone know what the "j" stands for? jackhammer. and i'm t-bagg. we're an awesome team ;)
my mom reads this site.
Hey, that's nice...
like for children i'll have to hide the matches if you come home !!!!
Bahahah.. I almost didn't recognize Justin. Who knew he could smile?
justin always smiles when there's a burning sensation running through his body
haha hide the matches and the gaseoline :-).
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