Saturday, March 04, 2006

Freedom on the March +update
Anti-war protest at UCSD? Our lethargic little school became a little exciting (at least for a day anyway). Protestors marched down Library Walk chanting "What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now!" They were willing to fight for peace. The protest culminated around where my friends and I were standing watching the protest. The protest leader with a megaphone was literally within a few feet of us. I'm also sure I'm going to appear in local press publications and protestors scrapbooks. Maybe even if I'm in enough pictures I'll iconify the event as a pro-peace student activist. Hell, maybe I could even make it onto the front of Time magazine, as the man who represents the student anti-war movement, even though I was just a bystander. Man that would be cool.

I was looking at the protestors and they were looking at me. Some of them were taking pictures of us, probably thinking we were fellow protestors. They pointed their cameras at me and I pointed my camera at them. And did the best thing and took pictures of them taking pictures of me. It was a duel of cameras of sorts.

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Here I am (I know again, the big cheesy grin ... yeah exactly ... that's how much I love peace) throwing up a peace sign and supporting the cause. I could have disagreed, but honestly, they seemed pretty intent on the peace thing and the last thing I want is to get beat up by a bunch of peace protestors.

+1 high-tech Rasta
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Yeah? What did I say? "UCSD needs more Rastas." See that Rasta there? Yeah the one on the phone. Something cool is going down. Seems like a pretty strong correlation. More Rastas = more excitement. I was onto a trend.

Bombing children is depraved.
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On the original post I'd forgotten to add this picture in here. Two girls, who'd apaprently found this sign lying around somewhere were Marching around with it and even offer to hock it off on me. I suggested they just go jam it into the UCSD lawn as I'm sure the school wouldn't mind. Moments later I look over and see this giant sign jammed into the lawn. But apparently someone who doesn't think bombing children is depraved (probably a suicide bomber sympathizer) removed it and threw it here.


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