Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wednesday Night Mission
Sometimes it's necessary to go on a spontaneous night mission to accomplish some goal that's either vitally important or trivial and pointless.

I borrowed a friend's beach cruiser that had busted ass handle bars and (with Sam in tow) biked from his house to school in search of the Main Gym at Revelle college.

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Here, our crew stopped to consume some H20 molecules. That's Nick in front. He followed us to make sure we didn't bust our heads open.

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You wouldn't believe how dangerous it is trying to take a picture, while riding bike (with busted ass handlebars and without a helmet) at night.

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This is the front of the new Biomedical library. As you can see, they're still working on it a little bit.

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I rode the Beach cruiser up and down UCSD, including through some of the forests, down some stairs (where I nearly slipped off the peddles) and up a few grassy hills. I had to collapse in front of the Main Gym and take a little rest around 3 am.


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