Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Break + School
Man, I've been so neglecting of this poor little blog lately. I had a cool little relaxing spring break with a good visit from some friends and a good visit home.

School has begun again and I'm competing in the Bioengineering Quiz Bowl on Friday. I don't really care if we win or not, but it would be cool if we did. Our team is the team that totally shouldn't win because we're not all hardcore and nerdy. The only reason I wanted to compete in this thing was so I could talk trash to the other teams and just have a good time. Now, though, I think we've got a good shot at this thing, which would be really cool. There's been rumors of guaranteed internships for the winning team which, if true, would be really sweet for the winners. The best part about this whole competition though, is that it's going to be a somewhat classy even with industry professionals and professors there. I've asked as many people as possible to show up drunk and belligerent and to cheer for my team ; ). It's going to be a blast.

The other teams simply don't have the love or the heart or the endurance or the desire to win this thing.


Yo, update my link on your site punk! :P heh.. http://www.compubomb.net, not http://compubomb.the-dev-solutions.net(so fricken long)
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