Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sun God Festival
Once a year, UCSD becomes actually one of the most exciting places that you could want to be. The Sun God Festival is an amazing all day and late into the night event where a good portion of the people you'll see around campus will be drunk/high or both. People actually want to go to school and a good portion of them that have classes will go to class and either drink in class or be drunk/high before they arrive. It's literally the only day of the year that starting to drink before 10am and becoming completely trashed before lunch is completely acceptable.

For me, my day began with an amazing crepe and really really really cheap champagne.

A little bus trip.
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Here, Sarah and I are riding the bus back to school after I had to return home to grab my camera and the champagne ;-).

Want some coke?
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Sam offering me some of his "special" read: modified with alcohol coke on the bus.

The Sun God
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See that decorated bird thing? Yes, that is the "Sun God," after which the festival is named.

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I'm not really sure what's going on here. That's Jacob on the left and Greg in the middle. On the right, I'm pretty sure that's not Greg's girlfriend, but he might have been to drunk to tell.

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Here I am with Sarah (the other Sarah) around some of the special booths they have set up for the festival.

Tale of two Sarahs
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Sarah and Sarah. Double Sarahs.

Contemplating the finer things in life.
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After I met up with my friends on campus, we went to a friend of a friend's on campus apartment and had some delightfull refreshments. I think I brought about five of my friends to this tiny drinking party that was going on and ended up doubling the number of people there. What ended up happening was that the people who actually lived there cowered in the back while my friends and I enjoyed their living room and alcohol : ). Here, Sarah is contemplating something in someone's living room.

Junk in the trunk.
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After we were done enjoying ourselves on campus, I had to ride the trunk of car where we went to another party and had hamburgers and beer.

Hamburgers and beer.
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Pictured here is Amar, Mike, myself and behind me is Vikas or Vik as we call him. This is um ... shit I forget her name's house where we enjoyed the hamburgers and beer.
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Here, Sarah, Brian and Greg are apparently having a good time (I love the expression on Sarah's face).

Cyprus Hill and My Chemical Romance
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After the party we returned to school where we went to main event of the day: a concert with Cyprus Hill and My Chemical Romance playing. Cyprus hill was ridiculous. Pictured here are Sam and Amar, who I went with.

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Another picture of the concert.

And finally...
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Here we are just relaxing after our amazing day at Sarah, Jacob and Greg's apartment (upstairs from me).


Hey man, you look like you had one hell of a time. So.. are any of the 'double' sarah's your ahum *cough* "fuck" buddie ?
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