Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working for The Man
Well basically, I'm still working for the man. The whole having to get up early thing has dampered my summer fun a little bit, but life is still treating me alright.

I should detail some of the other interns I see on a day to day basis.

Weird asian guy -- I see this guy every day. He works at the lab bench right next to mine and his cubicle is also right next to mine. He doesn't say a damn word all day long and he's pretty boring. Occasionally though, he'll come over and annoy me, while I'm on a critical step of an experiment, and just long enough so I lose track of which of 60 tubes I was working with.

Indian model girl -- I see this girl periodically. She works in the same lab that I do, but over in the corner. I'm not sure why they put her in the corner. I call her Indian model girl because she's indian and she always wears high heels and has the whole model walk going on. She must love her heels, especially to be standing around in the lab all day long with those fuckers on and I don't imagine chemicals treat them too nicely. I do give her the nod for representing in the lab though.

Carla -- She's not an intern, but Carla is amazing. Carla is like 40 and married, but we relate well because she went to SDSU and did a bunch of crazy stuff when she was younger. She also likes to talk shit and has a great way of doing it.

Anyway, that's the minutia of my life.


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