Monday, August 07, 2006

I got married.

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The Bride.
Haha. Just kidding. That is the bride on the right though. We do match. I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was pretty cool. I've never drank so much at a wedding. Open bar? How could I not get a martini and slosh it around while talking to people and pretending to be high class.

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Real groom + bride.
There's the real groom and bride, my friends since highschool: Jacob and Sarah Munoz. I was actually with them on their FIRST date. Yeah, that's right. I bring people together. This is actually like the second couple that I've been with on the first date that's gotten married (I'm pretty amazing aren't I?).

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I love wine.
That's how much wine I drank. I love wine. I really do. In the background Kate and Greg (best man and Kate's man also). I think Kate passed out shortly after this photo.

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Who's going to police the police?
I don't know. But, I know who's going to photograph the photographer. Me. Sneaky photographer.

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Hemet kids.
Kevin doesn't love wine more than me, but he may well love to drink more than me. Kevin drank so much. Look how happy he is. I don't know who that weird girl to his right is .. oh yeah .. Tessa, another girl from the Hemet crew.

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Her browness.
Here's a picture of me and Harjinder (she actually used to have people call her Becky in highschool, till she rediscovered her 2nd generation Punjabi roots in college). Haha. She loves when you bring that up too. She's still Becky to me though. Recent UCSD grad, by the way.

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Sirish and Sasank
I had some good crazy times with these fellows in Highschool.

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Strip that bride.
Sometimes you wonder where these crazy traditions come from. Take the garder off your bride's leg and throw it to the eager bachelors in the audience? If we catch it we get something special? Do I get a cookie for that? I want a cookie. Where's my cookie? Sounds more like a tease to me, you cookie tease you.


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