Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hippie drum circle, art show and TOGA!
This happened a while ago, but I might as well throw it up here.

I went to this really cool art show and what's better is that wine and sandwitches were provided, which was really great. I really loved the $2 wine. And the art was okay too.

This was my favorite piece from the show:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After drinking several glasses of wine at the show. Myself and fellow esteemed colleagues took a little hike down to Black's beach for this awesome hippy drum circle that meets every full moon which was awesome. I even had a great chat about art with semi-man-hating chick (who, I know, was somehow won over by my amazing charm, even though I suspect that she didn't like me. I kinda didn't like her very much, but I'm fond of her). She told me about an art project she was thinking about doing. She asked for an opinion. I offered one. She was displeased and ask me about any projects or ideas I had planned. I talked about my dildo bike idea and she immediately claimed it was sexist. Hah : -). Ah well. Can't win em all.

More recently I went to this Toga party, which was pretty great. It was my first Toga party and it did live up to the expectations. I must say I also exercised some smack down with my underhanded python beer pong throw.

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